NetSurf and LTSB

Dave Symes dave at
Mon Nov 15 09:19:53 GMT 2010

On 15 Nov, dave at wrote:
> I see the activation button in the LloydsTSB Memorable info entry page
> has vanished again when used in NS.

> For those among us who use LTSB, the link is still there but it is
> invisible.

> Move the mouse pointer a tiny bit above and along the green bottom
> outline line towards the right hand end while watching the status bar
> (Bottom of NS window) and you'll see when you've found it, click as per
> usual on it, and Bob's yer...

> Dave
>                                |
>                                |
>                        *       |
> -----------------------^-------|
>          Green outline

How exceedingly weird.
When I logged in to LTSB 6:15 AM ish the button was missing, when Fay
logged in at around 7:00 AM ish, the button was still missing (We are
using different versions of NS BTW)

I've just this minute logged in again 9:18 AM and the button is back.



Dave Triffid

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