gmane interface to Netsurf mailing list

Harriet Bazley lists at
Mon Nov 8 23:39:54 GMT 2010

Some time ago, someone on the Netsurf mentioned that he had set up his
system to read the mailing list using NewsHound via the gmane news
server, i.e. as the newsgroup gmane.comp.netsurf.user

It took me some time to get round to trying this, but I did and it
works.   Unfortunately I can't locate the original message to find out
what he then did about posting to the group!   I seem to recall that he
did mention it....

The mailing list gateway is a one-way setup (in this case), so in order
to reply to a 'news' posting in this group the reply has to be e-mailed
back to the mailing list submission address instead:   is there any way
of setting up the group in Messenger to do this?

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