Subject: Re: Netsurf failure on a BBC site

Harriet Bazley lists at
Sun Jul 11 19:20:06 BST 2010

On 11 Jul 2010 as I do recall,
          Tim Hill wrote:

> >From these comments I guess Harriet was using a similar version to
> r10592 (01 Jul 2010) which only has 2 entries under Netsurf in the
> hotlist here.
> Or is an old hotlist in use because we have actually added entries or
> our own?
> Whenever I install a new versionn of Netsurf I delete the previous
> before placing the latest into the directory where I store it.

Well, that was what was puzzling me - I couldn't very well see how a new
version of NetSurf could be expected to add items to its users' hotlists
automatically (unless the first few items were hardwired into the code
to be inserted at the top of the user-defined data I suppose).

I assume the format of my hotlist dates back to whenever I first started
using the program, which would be years ago now - I'd have thought this
was the one set of user-defined choices for any program which was almost
guaranteed not to be in its factory-default state!   Having said that,
oddly enough it never occurred to me to add the bug tracker address to
the hotlist, as I've always accessed it via the link in the
documentation... now done.
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