file:/// is now wrong

Michael Drake tlsa at
Fri Jul 2 09:27:21 BST 2010

In article <d8716a3051.rogerarm at>,
   Roger Darlington <rogerarm at> wrote:

> file:///ADFS::IYO4.$.~Mine.WFF.!WildFlowers.Flowers.Y/YellowStagshorn/YellowStagshorn.htm

> But on subsequent versions of Netsurf, including r10589, it does not 
> work. It gives 'file not found' a message issued by Netsurf.

The problem is not the three slashes at the start, they are correct.
It is that some of the directory separators are "." rather than "/" --
they're RISC OS format rather than URL format.

This should work:


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