Full save when out of memory

Richard Porter ricp at minijem.plus.com
Mon Feb 8 10:11:34 GMT 2010

I rather like the way NetSurf does a full save when you can't download 
all the images because of lack of memory. I came across a Japanes site 
with 186 images on one page, most of them big ones. I quit as many 
apps as I could but even so there wasn't enough room.

I did a full save and noticed that the index file held the absolute 
urls for images that weren't downloaded. I was able to delete the tags 
for images I already had and load the page again to get the next 
tranche. Three such operations were necessary before I got all the 

Would it be possible to have a full save in which all the images were 
stored on the hard disc even if they couldn't be rendered at the same 
time? Or perhaps a "Save target as..." option on a link which would do 
the same? As far as I can see "Download target" will only save the 
object itself i.e. one image or the page source.

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