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          Dr Peter Young  wrote:

> On 1 Feb 2010  rickman at wrote:

>> On my website there is an inconsistency between RISC OS and Linux when
>> displaying an image via a css defined background-url.

>> On RISC OS NetSurf R8643
>>  displays a background image of wind turbines.
>> If you click on the first link: - contacts
>> The contacts page is displayed and the background image is also shown.

> Not with r9799 on RISC OS 5.16. No turbines on the contact page.

Thanks Peter - I've just checked on 2.1 - it looks as if NetSurf broke 
briefly between 2.1 and r8643 and was mended by r9799 again. This 
would expain why it worked on the older 1.2 version on Linux.


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