Editing Hotlist.

Tony Moore old_coaster at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Dec 3 17:03:35 GMT 2010

On 3 Dec 2010, Steve Clark <sjclark at ormail.co.uk> wrote:


> I suspect I'm wasting my time as Netsurf overwrites the hotlist entry
> with the page title anyway, every time it downloads the page. Does
> this mean the Global History is overwriting the Hotlist?  If so surely
> they should be independent.

Hotlist is being overwritten by choices:www.netsurf.url

This problem can be avoided if the URL file is deleted prior to running
Netsurf. This can be done by adding, to Tasks, an obey file containing

   x remove choices:www.netsurf.URL

The URL file also logs visits to the various addresses so, if the file
is deleted, those details will no longer appear in the Hotlist. Also, on
startup, 'Global history' will be empty.

The same technique can be used to further improve security by removing
the Log file, Cache and Cookies:

   x remove <Scrap$Dir>.ScrapDirs.IDdisabled.www.NetSurf.Log
   x wipe   <Scrap$Dir>.ScrapDirs.IDdisabled.www.NetSurf.Cache ~c r ~v
   x remove choices:www.netsurf.Cookies

The cache contains thumbnails of visited web pages, which are supposed
to appear in the Hotlist. However, for a long time, this has not worked,
so the Cache is a waste of disc space.

Removing Cookies can result in some log-in details being lost, but I am
content to type log-in details afresh, each time.

If you follow any of these suggestions, I suggest that you make copies
of the files first, so that they can be re-instated, if you decide to
revert to the status quo ante.


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