no logfile after crash

Jim Nagel netsurf at
Wed Nov 25 22:56:45 GMT 2009

my RiscPC (4.39) crashed a few minutes ago, upon my trying to save a 
graphic out of Netsurf r9704.  everything froze: menu remained on 
screen but mouse and keyboard did nothing, had to resort to power 

perhaps it was the memory-gobbling thing again: Netsurf had been in 
use (ie, without quit and reload) for the past 24 hours or so, and my 
free-ram indicator was down to about 20M last time i noted (machine 
has total 128M); perhaps this action pushed it to tipping point.

anyway, after rebooting and before reloading Netsurf, i went to save 
its logfile from the crashed session.

but there is no logfile.  is this normal, or has something strange 

Jim Nagel              

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