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Sat Nov 21 10:03:38 GMT 2009

Dr Peter Young <pnyoung at> wrote:

> On 21 Nov 2009  David Pitt <pittdj at> wrote:
> > Dr Peter Young <pnyoung at> wrote:
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> > > I suspect this is all the fault of the BBC web-people, but I wonder
> > > what the experts have to say?
> > Given the general slowness reported I would have doubts about Peter's
> > broadband speed. I get about 6000kb/s and Firefox 3.5.5 downloaded at
> > over 700kB/s.
> Yes, indeed, I know my broadband is on the slow side; as I understand it,
> we're about at the maximum distance from the exchange. Putting in the
> timings was a way of pointing out what I think is an unnecessary amount of
> bloat on the BBC sites, not to complain about slowness!

The BBC site is certainly not slimline at all but even my slowest non-RISCOS
machine, XP on a single 1.4MHz core, copes well. Lots of sites are over
complicated these days.

The BBC site does offer, debloated?, versions for mobiles, and at this point
I find a minor snag. On the BBC's home page some links are not displayed in
Netsurf at the top left in the purple bit above the BBC logo, fortunately
the Mobile link is present. Chase that around for a while to reach this
which is a bit quicker, (but not a lot), :-

David Pitt

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