NetSurf still gobbling memory

Michael Drake tlsa at
Wed Nov 4 15:52:43 GMT 2009

In article <50b4cba56fdave at>,
   Dave Symes <dave at> wrote:

> I was using a NetSurf of a few days old, and discovered it's still
> gobbling all the machine spare RAM

> Is this problem resolvable... It seems to have been going for a long time
> now?

It is resolvable, but it requires a complete rewrite of our internal
content caching and management system. It is being worked on, but it will
not be done overnight.

In the mean time, if the memory usage of the development builds is causing
you problems, I suggest you use the NetSurf 2.1 release until the new
cache work is complete.



Michael Drake (tlsa)        

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