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Gavin Wraith gavin at
Sat Jul 25 19:09:47 BST 2009

Using NetSurf r8783 noted the following strangeness:

Tried to access ,
a site I used to have no problem with. After what appears to be
downloading activity the status bar announces 8 stylesheets found
and 0/0 bytes fetched, but the page remains blank. Then when I try
to quit NetSurf, it will not, not even when I try to make it quit
from the taskmanager. When I close the computer (Iyonix RO 5.14)
down all the icons disappear from the iconbar, except for the NetSurf
icon which remains briefly at the right-hand end of the iconbar
before the shutdown dialog appears. Presumably parts of NetSurf's
code are getting overwritten during the attempt to load the page.

Gavin Wraith (gavin at
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