Lloystsb Page Rendering Problem

R W Twort rwt at birailz.plus.com
Thu Jul 9 14:34:48 BST 2009

The problem with the rendering on the Lloyds home page at www.lloystsb.com
is still with us, I've just down loaded todays build of 9 July 2009 r8416
and its just the same.
I had been keeping up to date with the new builds, but I've had to go back
to 3 April 2009 r7039, which is the last build I have that renders this
page correctly.
There is a tab bar across the top of page, or should be, it is in the
April build, but is missing in the latest builds, the links are just Text
Links shown vertically down the lefthand side of the page, above the rest
of the content.



Ray Twort               rwt at birailz.plus.com

File not found. I'll load something *I* think is interesting.

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