NS2.1 Unicode font library could not be initialized

David J. Ruck druck at druck.org.uk
Wed Jul 8 10:12:42 BST 2009

Tim Hill wrote:

> I don't understand how anyone can manage with (a) only a handful of
> font families, and (b) everything they produce looking 'the same'.
> :-)
> With hundreds of magpied font families, some may only be used once or
>  never, for a specific (printed on paper) document or to create a web
>  image. You use a font manager to avoid having hundreds of
> seldom-used decorative and blackletter fonts active all the time and
> consequent slowness and HUGE font menus in programs such as (insert
> name of any program which allows you to select a font).

We all know why you may want to use a selection from a larger collection
  of fonts, the issue is how you make use of them in a way which doesn't
cause problems with NetSurf

> I would imagine that if I didn't swap active fonts around, and had
> them all active all the time, NetSurf would take at least three eons
> to scan them all several times every day and other software would
> explode, as would my brain.  ;-)

Try starting NetSurf at boot when you have a small standard set of fonts 
active, then you can bugger about with your font manager later in the 
session. Ensure that the font manager restores same standard when you 
next boot, and NetSurf/RUFL will me none the wiser, and wont rescan.


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