NS2.1 Unicode font library could not be initialized

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In article <4A51CDC4.6020405 at druck.org.uk>, David J. Ruck
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> Russell Hafter - Lists wrote:

> > Having been involved in earlier discussions about
> > unicode and NetSurf (at that time) failing to display
> > certain eastern European characters I am well aware of
> > this.

> > But while that may be a reason, it does not explain the
> > need for font scanning *to me*. Sorry.

> <Exasperated>

I do not have the font scanning problem, but was wanting to
understand more about what is going on.

Like Rob, I do not understand why people would be swapping
fonts all the time either. I have 25 font families on this
machine, and feel pretty certain that I could bin at least
50% of them and never know the difference! I do not have a
separate Font Management utility either.

[Big Snip]

> Be very grateful the developers have bothered
> implementing this system for RISC OS, as it's not needed
> on any of the other ports, and probably wouldn't get
> written now if it didn't already exist.

I am grateful.


I just wish that there was some way to get it to work with
Pluto, which does not understand utf-8 encodings of central
European chars.

But that, I suspect, is never going to happen.

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