NS2.1 Unicode font library could not be initialized

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In article <50768756a5tlsa at netsurf-browser.org>, Michael
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> > But while that may be a reason, it does not explain the
> > need for font scanning *to me*. Sorry.

> Try reading the description of what RUfl does here:

>   http://www.netsurf-browser.org/projects/rufl/


I read at the end:

"RUfl manages to do all this efficiently by maintaining
cached lookup tables containing various mappings."

So, would I be correct in thinking that NetSurf, and only
NetSurf, needs to do this font scanning, because it has the
laudable aim of filling the gaps in RISC OS unicode
abilities? Other RISC OS browsers ignore the problem, while
other platforms assume that full unicode support is there in
the first place?

And the the scanning, among other things, creates the lookup

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