9764 grabs all the free memory

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Tue Dec 29 14:44:47 GMT 2009

In article <80463fd150.ricp at user.minijem.plus.com>, Richard
Porter <ricp at minijem.plus.com> wrote:
> On 29 Dec 2009 rickman at argonet.co.uk wrote:

> > <3e6526d150.wra1th at wra1th.plus.com> Gavin Wraith  wrote:

> >> NetSurf 9764 appears to grab all the free memory once
> >> it has downloaded http://slashdot.org/ , making it
> >> impossible to use. On RO 5.14.

> > It isn't just 9764 - the same thing happens on the
> > current stable release 2.1 (23 may 2009).

> The last version I have that doesn't normally gobble
> memory is r8634 (21 Jul 2009).

I just tried with r8240, which was the last version I
downloaded before the memory problems started.

The page initially appeared, but then, with no warning at
all NetSurf just diappeared from the icon bar.

RPC StrongARM, RO4.02, 66M (or thereabouts)

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