9764 grabs all the free memory

Grahame Parish maillist.parish at millers-way.net
Tue Dec 29 12:42:48 GMT 2009

In message <3e6526d150.wra1th at wra1th.plus.com>
          Gavin Wraith <gavin at wra1th.plus.com> wrote:

> NetSurf 9764 appears to grab all the free memory once it has
> downloaded http://slashdot.org/ , making it impossible to use.
> On RO 5.14.

Not here it doesn't (9761 at present) - been running since before 
midnight and using 4544K + 1344K DA on RO5.14 on 512M Iyonix and the 
ROOL clean boot - installed last night. 465M free.

Grahame Parish

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