National Rail Enquiries site no longer works

Dr Peter Young pnyoung at
Sat Dec 26 15:24:16 GMT 2009

On 18 Dec 2009  Matthew Somerville <matthew at> wrote:

> Jim Nagel wrote:

>>>>> ... Hmm, looks like it's encoding a trailing space into the URL it
>>>>> gets redirected to.  Try removing any instance of %20 in the URL it
>>>>> sends when you to when you submit the form.

>> contact him about this %20 problem via the link at top right of page.

> I've fixed the encoding of spaces in the station names, which I think is
> what's being referred to here. Thanks for letting me know.

Unfortunately not working for me here; RISC OS 5.13 and NetSurf test 
build r9725. I get the "&20"s not in the station names, but between 
the date and time in the URL. Till today, I could manually edit these 
out and get a result, but now if I try this, they immediately go back 
in again!

Thanks for your work, Matthew, on a very useful site.

With best wishes,


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