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>>> On 28 Nov 2008 Alan Calder wrote:
>>>> Double-clicking certainly highlights the existing address for me.  I
>>>> agree that typing in a new address doesn't work as might be expected
>>>> ie deleting the highlighted text and replacing it with the new text.
>>> That's not what's expected in RISC OS! One or two apps do it, e.g.
>>> Impression, but normally typing in text doesn't replace selected text.
>> Impression, yes, and Easiwriter, Artworks, Datapower and probably others
>> whilst in Oreganos 1 & 2 overtyping in the address bar works 'as
>> expected'. Wouldn't be suprised if the same was true of FFox but I can't
>> be bothered to fire it up - life's too short. :-)
>> I think it can reasonably said that overtyping in browser address bars
>> is now expected behaviour whatever RO might traditionally have done

> It's been a requirement of the Style Guide since at least 1993, so
> arguably RISC OS has always behaved this way.

I don't think so. Over typing has only been generally possible (as 
opposed to non standard behaviour in specific apps) since copy & paste 
in icons was introduced in Select 3 in 2003, 10 years after the style 
guide was written.



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