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>> I have registered myself as a user of the Guardian website, and there
>> is no doubt that I am properly registered. But I can't search it. If I
>> enter a common search term such as "women" into
>> I get a blank such as
>> radio=guardian&go-guardian=Search
>> What's wrong? Is it another case of no Java?
> I don't know, but the Guardian's search facility hasn't worked for me
> for some time - although it once did, doubtless before some site
> 'update'!

Same for me! I wonder if anybody has told them?

There is also a rather sinister airbrushing out of old uncomfortable 
stuff. For example, a fair long time ago the Guardian's medical 
correspondent Luisa Dillner, wrote an interesting piece about people 
who had believed that they were going to die, but unexpectedly medical 
treatment saved them. They had given up their lives, they had told the 
people around them what they really thought of them, stopped doing 
things, generally closed down their lives, and even when they knew 
they were going to live, they couldn't pick up their lives. Even 
before the Guardian's website went "opaque" (is that a suitable word?) 
this piece by Dillner had disappeared, even though other pieces by 
Dillner were still there.

Michael Bell


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