How do I get MIDI files to read in Sibelius?

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Sat May 31 19:43:55 BST 2008

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>>> [snip]

>>>> I have now installed the latest Netsurf, the same as you have, (28 Apr
>>>> 200 11:15) r4110, and actually that is what I had before, there hasn't
>>>> been an update for a month!

>>> There have been several. I'm using r4210, which may not be the latest.
>>> Try

>>>> There's no change in performance.
>>>> I have Sibelius installed on the Iconbar

>>> You don't need to have Sibelius installed to download a MIDI file.

>>>> and at the bottom of the window :-
>>>> I get the message OK(0.7s) Converting 14919 bytes, so it seems that
>>>> Netsurf is RECEIVING data, but cannot display it.

>>> 14919 is the correct length of that MIDI file, so it has been received
>>> but, as you say, NetSurf cannot display it. You need to force NetSurf to
>>> download the file, without attempting to display it:

>>> Hold down <shift> and select-click the link (on the page containing the
>>> original link). First, you will see a blank NetSurf window, over which a
>>> download dialogue box should open. Drag the MIDI icon from the dialogue
>>> box, to wherever you wish to save the file. Then drop the saved file
>>> into Sibelius.

>>> Tony

>> Thank you Tony and others for this. I have held down the shift key and
>> it works.

>> I have reported so on this list, but there seem to be delays which
>> stop you from seeing it promptly. I don't have this problem with other
>> groups.

>> Regards

>> Michael Bell

> If I click on the link in this e-mail, then netsurf offers up the save
> window for me to drag the file to save. So Netsurf(r4190) appears to
> be working correctly, I've had no need to use the shift key to force a
> download. Odd. Maybe there's something in your mimemap file that makes
> Netsurf think it can do something with a Midi file.

> Regards

> Kev

Well, I've got it to work for me. I know nothing about mimemap files. 
If you want to follow this up, tell me where to look for it and I'll 
send you a copy and you can tell me what's different.


Michael Bell


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