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On Thursday 22 May 2008, Tony Moore wrote:
> On 21 May 2008, Tony Moore <old_coaster at> wrote:
> > I'm editing a document comprising many HTML pages. Each page refers to
> > example files, located in a sub-directory in the same directory as the
> > HTML page. On each page <a href="sub_directory_name">Examples</a>
> > opens an index page for the sub-directory holding the example files,
> > which can then be 'downloaded'.
> >
> > Using NetSurf r4179, common files (GIF, HTML, JPEG, Obey, PNG, Sprite,
> > Text) download correctly filetyped, however BASIC and DrawFile files
> > download as Data, and DPscript files download as Database.
> >
> > Initially, I thought that the MimeMap was incorrect but, when using
> > Fresco 2.13 _all_ files download correctly filetyped and, so far as I
> > can see, both Fresco and NetSurf use the same MimeMap.
> Maybe the above is not clear enough, so I've put a demo file at
> [20KB]. Could someone please
> look at it and tell me what I've misunderstood - or why, apparently,
> Fresco out-performs NetSurf?

Hi Tony

Thanks for the demo. This is a bug or artifact of the way NetSurf handles 
local files.

NetSurf uses MIME types internally (the first column in MimeMap), because 
those are used on the web. When fetching a local file, it first converts the 
RISC OS filetype to the MIME type using MimeMap. The download dialog then 
converts it back again if possible.

There are two possible solutions:

1. Add lines for all those types to MimeMap (although you'd probably have to 
   make up some MIME types)

2. NetSurf could somehow preserve the file type information too for local 


James Bursa, NetSurf developer      

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