Changing the colour in Google lists when it has been read.

John-Mark Bell jmb at
Sat Jun 7 01:07:28 BST 2008

On Sat, 7 Jun 2008, Keith Hopper wrote:

>> On 5 Jun 2008 Anthony Hilton wrote:
>>> Surely it is a browser setting to change the colour of a link which
>>> has been followed.

It's all the same issue -- namely that the :visited pseudo class is not 
currently supported. All NetSurf's rendering is implemented in terms of 
CSS, regardless of where the styling came from.

> I often come across documents which either themselves or in associated
> style sheets have something like the following -
> a          {
>           text-decoration: none :
>           color : rgb(0,0,0) ;
>           background-color: transparent
>           }
> which Netsurf insists on ignoring

Quite right, too -- it's invalid. The above CSS reduces to:

a { background-color: transparent }

as the colon after "none" should be a semicolon. The CSS parsing rules 
are quite clear in this scenario and state that the entire declaration up 
to the next semicolon or block is discarded.

If you /did/ mean there to be a semicolon there, then I'd appreciate a 
testcase demonstrating the failure, as it works fine here.


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