Changing the colour in Google lists when it has been read.

Keith Hopper asgard at
Sat Jun 7 00:04:25 BST 2008

In article <bc0fd5aa4f.ricp at>,
   Richard Porter <ricp at> wrote:
> On 5 Jun 2008 Anthony Hilton wrote:

> >> I think the problem is that the developers have chosen to implement
> >> HTML4 and CSS before HTML1. Link colours in the <body> tag are
> >> ignored. This is a long standing issue.
> >> 

> > Michael's question isn't a link colour in a <body> tag question.

> > Surely it is a browser setting to change the colour of a link which
> > has been followed.

> You'd think you would be able to set the default link colours but I 
> can't see any way to do it through Choices... You'd probably need to 
> set up a local stylesheet to do it.

I often come across documents which either themselves or in associated
style sheets have something like the following -

a          {
           text-decoration: none :
           color : rgb(0,0,0) ;
           background-color: transparent

which Netsurf insists on ignoring - similar comments for a:hover, a:visited
apply although I know that pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements are not yet



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