Changing the colour in Google lists when it has been read.

Richard Porter ricp at
Thu Jun 5 10:33:53 BST 2008

On 5 Jun 2008 Tim Hill wrote:

> In article <34d48eaa4f.michaelbell at>, Michael
> Bell <michael at> wrote:
>> One of the things that I truly miss after Fresco is that when I had a
>> list of Google finds, once I had read it, the colour changed to a
>> darker shade of blue. So I didn't go back and read the same find
>> again. But now I do. An irritation! The marker doesn't have to be a
>> change in colour, anything would do. Some people have difficulties
>> with colour, my brother is red-green colour blind, so I am very aware
>> of it, though it's not my problem.

> I don't know how the developers feel about the urgency of this one but I
> would have thought it a pretty fundamental function of any helpful
> hypertext browser to indicate (usually with colour) any visited links,
> including those on legacy pages.

> This may be under the catch-all "HTML4 - Nearly Done" and "CSS 1 - Nearly
> Done". vlink is also present in HTML5 so perhaps we must but wait.

I think the problem is that the developers have chosen to implement 
HTML4 and CSS before HTML1. Link colours in the <body> tag are 
ignored. This is a long standing issue.

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