Bad redirect URL

Paul Vigay lists-nospam at
Tue Jan 29 22:58:27 GMT 2008

In a dim and distant universe <4f68f8737cj.mccartney at>,
   John McCartney <j.mccartney at> enlightened us thusly:
> It seems all right here, Paul, and I downloaded the new version this
> morning. This is using RISC OS 4.39 on VRPC-Adjust (StrongARM model).

> No, the page came up straight away.

Thanks for confirming that it works ok in NetSurf. Saying that, made me
think it was my machine somewhere.

I've just zapped the cookies and all is now working ok here too - so I
guess one of the cookies must have got corrupt somehow. I'll bear that in
mind in future if odd things start happening.


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