Netsurf and the Euro

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On 19 Jan 2008 Alexander Ausserstorfer wrote:

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>           James Bursa <james at> wrote:

>>On Friday 18 January 2008, Alexander Ausserstorfer wrote:
>>> Netsurf (version 1.1 from 13. August) isn't able to show the €
>>> (EUR)-sign correctly, is it? Or do I something wrong?
>>That should work. NetSurf will even use the symbol from a different font if
>>your selected font doesn't have it. What do you see instead of the Euro?

> I can see some small numbers: 00  or   00
>                               96       80

> I suppose that 00 should be the Euro-sign.
>                80

> The equivalent HTML-code is:

> <br>30,&#150; bis 45,&#150; &#128; pro Person und Tag<br>

I get the same result. In O1 the 00/96 comes out as an n-dash but the 
00/80 is a rectangle (unrecognised character). However if I look at 
the source in System font, the euro is an unencoded € sign. The 00/80 
looks like a subscript double quote, whatever that's called:

23,– bis 35,– € pro Person

>>These are some possible reasons for it not working:
>>1. There is a problem with the page. What is the URL?


>>2. One of your fonts claims to have a Euro symbol, but has some other symbol
>>3. All of your fonts claim not to have a Euro symbol.

I don't normally have a problem with Euro signs.

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