Website that crashes NS.

Richard Porter ricp at
Mon Aug 18 09:31:59 BST 2008

On 18 Aug 2008 Jess Hampshire wrote:

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>           Jess Hampshire <jesshampshire at> wrote:

>> I have found a site the repeatably crashes NS (Both the current
>> riscpkg version  and 1.2)
>> Does this crash for everyone?

> I notice with the latest two (riscpkg) updates the nature of the crash
> has changed, it requires a scroll before the crash occurs.

> Would the developers like a bug report (or is it a common enough bug
> that that would be redundant)?

> I have saved a logfile.

If NetSurf crashes raise a bug report and submit the log file plus a 
description of what you were doing when it happened. If it's a 
duplicate of another bug report the developers will close it, and you 
will get notified if you had logged in on Sourceforge.

If you can tie down the crash to a particular web site or sequence of 
actions then it's worth checking the bug list to see if it's already 
been reported.

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