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Richard Porter ricp at
Fri Sep 14 16:41:24 BST 2007

On 14 Sep 2007 Paul Vigay wrote:

> In article <09a43e224f.ricp at>,
>    Richard Porter <ricp at> wrote:
>> I keep links to Netsurf, Builds and Bugs on my local home page which
>> opens whenever I run any browser except firefox. Or you could just
>> bookmark it.

> Yeah. I might just add a link direct on my intranet page. I don't use the
> bookmarks in NetSurf, mainly because it seems a bit intermittent and
> occasionally loses the entire bookmarks file for no apparent reason, and
> unrepeatable so I can't submit a bug report. I just got into the habit of
> not using the bookmark feature.

I'm the same. I bookmark pages and then forget to look through the 
bookmarks afterwards. I use the local (intranet) home page essentially 
as a bookmark page, but in addition it has some forms for logging into 
various sites, with the username and password fields hidden. Of course 
I don't use that method for online banking etc.

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