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Sat Oct 6 09:10:43 BST 2007

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> On 5 Oct 2007 Jess Hampshire <groups at jess.itworkshop-nexus.net> wrote:
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>>> You mean open up the tiny fraction of sites which provide an
>> The question is how tiny that fraction is. And how many are useful
>> sites we are normally locked out of either by lack of plug-ins,
>> javascript or processor power?
> Quite frankly if this was the only prostect of accessing such sites,
> I'd go straight out an buy an x86 box to run FireFox on natively.

It wouldn't be would it? Just an light weight alternative.

> If you even have to contemplate using a flawed and failed system for
> five year old mobile phones on a desktop computer, then you really
> have to question the point of continuing with RISC OS whatsoever.

I don't see this as a RISC OS specific.

To be honest I dislike sites which rely on javascript. I dislike 
monster sites full of bloat. If there is an alternative way of getting 
the information quickly, I would like the option (whatever platform 
I'm using).

If a site offers a choice between a plain site and a bloat site, I'll 
usually take the plain one.


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