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Mon Nov 5 12:34:29 GMT 2007

On 5 Nov 2007 Michael Drake wrote:

> In article <98bf0da11600f4f831d79b1ef2ea34f5c1a5a168 at localhost>,
>    Mike Hobbs <mike.hobbs at> wrote:
>> When the pointer is moved over links the URI is displayed in the
>> status icon but some links are incredibly long. Would it not be
>> better to display the URI (and/or descriptive text) in a pop-up
>> bubble?

> You can resize the status bar, making it take up more of the width of the
> window. Drag the divider between status bar and scrollbar. To keep the
> change permanently, select [Display > Save as default] on the browser
> window menu.

That helps. I have reduced the scroll bar down to the two arrows.

> NetSurf currently uses a default setting of two thirds status bar and one
> third scrollbar. If you have been using NetSurf for a long time your
> Choices file may have the old default of half scrollbar and half status
> bar, which was much too narrow.

Yers, it was, but two thirds is often too small.

> Sometimes you may come across a link that's so long it wouldn't fit on
> your screen. If you want to check the destination before following such a
> link, the best way to see the full URL is to Shift+Adjust Click the link
> ad drag the URL to an editor such as Zap or Edit.

Ugh! That is inconvenient. Also Shift-Adjust isn't shown on the menus 
so you need to know about it. Why can't we have the "Object" option 
enabled for links, with a submenu including:

Info - full link URL, title, target, etc.
Save - save target as (Shift-Select)
Export - save target as text file
Save location - save link as Acorn URI, ANT URL or Text
New window - open in new window (Adjust) (also for images)
Reload (greyed out)?

See druck's FR no. 1568425 and my earlier FR no. 1429234.

> NetSurf's user interface is designed to try to give you all the
> information and functionality you want and use as much of the screen as
> possible for the main function of the browser; displaying web pages.
> There's a bit of a compromise here. Various things have been considered.
> One is to use an ellipsis (...) when the URL doesn't fit, to show the most
> important bits. (Typically the domain and the end of the URL.)

Yes that would be better. I generally want to see the domain and page 
filename, but not a whole string of lengthy arguments generated by 
some content management and transacxtion tracking systems.

> Various other ideas exist to provide a richer status bar too, but
> they'll have to wait until the developers have time to work on them.

The status information is fine for now.

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