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Richard Porter ricp at
Mon Dec 17 12:02:26 GMT 2007

On 17 Dec 2007 Michael Drake wrote:

> In article <4f52528aa8tim at>,
>    Tim Hill <tim at> wrote:

>> Nope, they look okay to me. But wait! Netsurf renders the colours wrongly
>> and the _always_underlined_links_ are dark blue, rather than the chosen
>> hue of pale green (see any other browser).

> NetSurf has never supported link colours set as attributes in the BODY
> tag. If you set them in the STYLE tag, they will work.

> <style>
> body      { background-color:#000000;
>             color: #ffffff; }

> a:link    { color: #ccffcc; }

> a:visited { color: #ffffcc; }

> a:active  { color: #ffcccc; }
> </style>

> That does in CSS what you currently do in the BODY tag.

If we nag you for long enough will you put it in? We can alter our own 
sites to work with our browsers but not all the others out there. Also 
if you don't implement link colours then you shouldn't implement 
background colours in the body tag, so that contrast can be preserved.

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