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Mon Dec 17 11:22:53 GMT 2007

In article <4f5289ae60tlsa at>, Michael Drake
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> In article <4f52528aa8tim at>, Tim Hill <tim at> wrote:

> > Nope, they look okay to me. But wait! Netsurf renders the colours
> > wrongly and the _always_underlined_links_ are dark blue, rather than
> > the chosen hue of pale green (see any other browser).

> NetSurf has never supported link colours set as attributes in the BODY
> tag. If you set them in the STYLE tag, they will work.

> <style> body      { background-color:#000000; color: #ffffff; }

> a:link    { color: #ccffcc; }

> a:visited { color: #ffffcc; }

> a:active  { color: #ffcccc; } </style>

> That does in CSS what you currently do in the BODY tag.

Thanks for that. I've been meaning to add that for ages. Now done.  :-)

> Note also that NetSurf currently only supports link colours, not active
> and visited link colours.

A shame. 


Tim Hill,

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