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Tim Hill tim at
Sun Dec 16 23:12:55 GMT 2007

In article <4f5249dc0adfs at>, Dave Symes <dfs at>
> Got a problem... guess there is an answer but can't seem to find it.

> Silly people 

Guilty m'lud.

> create sites with black backgrounds, then plonk grey text
> on it... or Dark blue text.


> In Oregano, If I tick Off the "Use Document colours" the black
> background is replaced with white and I can see the grey text.

Okay, so our text isn't the darkest blue in Netsurf, and there's more
white than grey text. Is it legible?

> Is there a comparable option in NetSurf? I'm using NS (02 Dec 2007
> 06:00)

Maybe NS assumes eyes and a monitor of the highest quality?   ;-)
(There are times I would like to apply gamma adjustment to web pages, to
see dark pictures or over-exposed ones without having to download and
fiddle with an editor. Not such a problem with my new spectacles.  ;-))

I wonder how many web sites are developed on new LCDs, rather than ratty
old ray-tubes such as the example on my right: it has an okay picture as
long as the case has a sharp blow once in a while. It struggles with the
RiscPC's apparently 'weak' output and it's old, it's burnt in and it's

<checks all web sites on CRT>

Nope, they look okay to me. But wait! Netsurf renders the colours wrongly
and the _always_underlined_links_ are dark blue, rather than the chosen
hue of pale green (see any other browser). So you maybe don't need to be
able to disable colours, you perhaps need to be able to turn them on!!! 

Someone else can hunt around the bug-tracker for that one, I'm off to bed.

Tim Hill,

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