[Netsurf-develop] A crash

Jess Hampshire groups at jess.itworkshop-nexus.net
Mon Apr 23 14:01:40 BST 2007

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          Rob Kendrick <rjek at netsurf-browser.org> wrote:

> Jess Hampshire wrote:
>> Netsurf just crashed, I saved a log. What is the correct procedure in
>> this case? (I am dubious about just creating a new bug report, because
>> it may already be reported, I can't tell, since from my perspective it
>> just crashed.) The same link loaded fine on a second attempt.
> If you are unsure if the cause of a crash has already been reported,
> report a new bug.  The developers are in a better position to check for
> duplicates, and will close your bug if it has been covered elsewhere.


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