[Netsurf-develop] JMB's PDF

Rob Kendrick rjek at netsurf-browser.org
Wed Apr 4 19:04:41 BST 2007

On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 18:48 +0100, Jess Hampshire wrote:

> > Flash is an issue, yes.  Alas, the open-source efforts are much too
> > heavyweight for RISC OS kit at the moment.  Plus, things like youtube
> > and google video require the Flash video codec, which is MPEG4-like, and
> > quite computationally expensive again.
> KinoAmp makes a reasonable job of DVD standard mpeg. (Smooth sound and 
> usable frame rate.)

I'm sure it can.  But that's entirely unrelated.

> > I can't quite see where ASCII printing would be useful if Unicode
> > printing worked.
> If you just want the text printed from a page at a standard size.

That's not what John-Mark meant.  He meant printing as usual, just
without any non-ASCII characters missing/replaced, not print as plain
text.  If you want to do that, export as plain text to Zap, and print
from there.

> > In the GTK version, I have tried to make it look as similar to the RISC
> > OS version as possible, except in places where the local UI styles and
> > systems are radically different.  For example, it has a menu bar, and a
> > tabbed choices dialogue.
> Are these fundamental to the way the program is implemented or could 
> they be config options?

I welcome patches to make it such.  However, there's really no reason
to.  By making it RISC OSy, it'd integrate badly into other applications
and the desktop as a whole, making it more difficult to use.

> > I looked at doing a naive Mac OS X port based on the GTK version, but
> > the Mac OS X port of GTK is just too ancient to be useful.  Apparently,
> > something is happening about this.  There is also a GTK-based port to
> > Windows which works almost as well as it does under UNIX.
> Are there ready to run versions available for windows or OSX? (not 
> aqua obviously)

There isn't a version available for Mac OS X for precisely the reason I
outlined.  We don't autobuild a Windows version, no.


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