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          Rob Kendrick <rjek at netsurf-browser.org> wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 15:06 +0100, Jess Hampshire wrote:
>>  My thoughts on it, quoted as though a reply to an email.

>> > 3.2.2 Flash
>> I find poor flash support is the biggest problem for RISC OS browsing
>> now.
>> A RISC OS plugin that allowed such things as youtube replay and icqgo
>> would fill most of the holes in my browsing on RISC OS.
> Flash is an issue, yes.  Alas, the open-source efforts are much too
> heavyweight for RISC OS kit at the moment.  Plus, things like youtube
> and google video require the Flash video codec, which is MPEG4-like, and
> quite computationally expensive again.

KinoAmp makes a reasonable job of DVD standard mpeg. (Smooth sound and 
usable frame rate.)

>> > 3.2.4 Printing.
>> ASCII printing: could this be added as a separate option (IE RO 4 gets
>> both options) ? - it could be useful.
> I can't quite see where ASCII printing would be useful if Unicode
> printing worked.

If you just want the text printed from a page at a standard size.

>> > 3.3 UI

>> Netsurf's UI is excellent under RO. When producing other platforms
>> versions, could as much of this as possible be left?
> In the GTK version, I have tried to make it look as similar to the RISC
> OS version as possible, except in places where the local UI styles and
> systems are radically different.  For example, it has a menu bar, and a
> tabbed choices dialogue.

Are these fundamental to the way the program is implemented or could 
they be config options?

>> > 3.4 Ports
>> I'd love to see an OS X version and a windows version. What would also
>> be lovely would be a Nokia 9300/9500 version, because NS is so much
>> better than the opera derived thing installed.
> I looked at doing a naive Mac OS X port based on the GTK version, but
> the Mac OS X port of GTK is just too ancient to be useful.  Apparently,
> something is happening about this.  There is also a GTK-based port to
> Windows which works almost as well as it does under UNIX.

Are there ready to run versions available for windows or OSX? (not 
aqua obviously)

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