[Netsurf-develop] Search problem on www.freebmd.co.uk

Chris Shepheard chris.shepheard at chrispics.co.uk
Sun Apr 1 19:36:55 BST 2007


Has anyone else found a way of viewing the BMD index records on 
www.freebmd.org.uk with Netsurf?

Using the 1st April build a successful name search brings up the 
references OK but the "info" button and the "spectacles" are missing 
to the right of each name.

The former leads to another page, the latter to the vital image scan 
of the relevant document containing that name.

Looking at the code I can't see that it is a Javascript problem (it 
seems to be a link within a table).

I have reported it on the bug tracker but just wondered if anyone had 
found a way around it.



Chris Shepheard writing as himself          
chris.shepheard at chrispics.co.uk
from far west Surrey                        www.chrispics.co.uk

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