[Netsurf-develop] Great News: SquirrelMail work with Netsurf

M.I. Abdullah m.i.abdullah at bio.uio.no
Wed Sep 20 10:13:44 BST 2006

Just dowloaded v 19/9 and just for sheer persistance, tried our webmail.
Suddenly, the clouds lifted and the sun began to shine - what a great
day!, I can login and fethch mail. Wonderful. The best thing that has
happened this year. I can put away my newly acquired Linux box. Many
thanks for fantastic work. It runs quite fast although a little flaky, but
hell, who cares! I have one machine in my office instead of two.

Many thanks


Mohamed Abdullah
Dept. Biology, University of Oslo
PB 1066 Blindern,
0316 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 22 85 45 47

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