[Netsurf-develop] "Drop file here" not working anymore?

Steve Turnbull steve at theturnbulls.fsworld.co.uk
Thu Sep 7 08:22:07 BST 2006

In message <4e627e3ec5sbellon at sbellon.de>
          Stefan Bellon <sbellon at sbellon.de> wrote:

> When I tried to upload a JPEG using a "Drop file here" widget, the JPEG
> got loaded into NetSurf instead of the file name into the widget. Could
> this be some interaction with the new frame code? Just wanted to
> mention it, not sure if it can be considered a bug at this stage of
> development.

It is working, it's just not updating the text in the field. If you
force a redraw it is updated to the file name and path.


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