[Netsurf-develop] HSBC access

David J. Ruck druck at druck.org.uk
Wed Oct 18 23:35:59 BST 2006

On 18 Oct 2006 Brian Jordan <brian.jordan9 at btinternet.com> wrote:
> In article <dfc2bd774e.tim at south-frm.demon.co.uk>,
>    Tim Powys-Lybbe <tim at powys.org> wrote:
> >  After all the recent excitement about accessing HSBC's banking with
> > NetSurf I can report that today I have received a snail letter to inform
> > me that I have been temporarily disabled from their internet
> [Snip]
> Me too. Apologies to all for having suggested this was a good idea.
> FWIW They seem to be pretty strict...
> "HSBC does not support the use of Firefox Browser for accessing Internet
> Banking. We recommend Netscape Navigator 4.79 or above with the exception
> of Netscape 6.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer - PC version 5.0 or later."

Bunch of Tw*ts. I should be billing them £150 for wasting my time.
> ...Discovered too late to be of much use here but maybe other browsers
> not faking an "approved" one might soon get the same response if they
> have started getting strict.

I think its time to change NetSurf's user agent string from just "NetSurf" to
something more browser like, e.g. "NetSurf/x.y (RISC OS 5.11;en-GB) blahblah"



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