[Netsurf-develop] HSBC access

Dr Peter Young pnyoung at ormail.co.uk
Wed Oct 18 21:42:02 BST 2006

On 18 Oct 2006  Paul Vigay <lists-nospam at vigay.com> wrote:

> In article <4e77de635fbrian.jordan9 at btinternet.com>,
>    Brian Jordan <brian.jordan9 at btinternet.com> wrote:
>> "HSBC does not support the use of Firefox Browser for accessing Internet
>> Banking. We recommend Netscape Navigator 4.79 or above with the exception
>> of Netscape 6.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer - PC version 5.0 or later."
> Does anyone have a telephone contact number for HSBC? I might phone them up
> with my "managing director of a large, national ISP" hat on and ask them
> why they are discriminating against 1000s of potential customers, and what
> they can do to avert the situation of me advising all our thousands of
> customers to switch banks.... :-)

Sounds like an excellent idea, but I'm afraid I didn't keep a record 
of the number I rang. I suggest trying the number in the phone book 
and asking to speak to the Technical Team, but I suspect you'll only 
get the "we only support ..." spiel (with the unspoken thought "if 
they want to use anything else then they can get stuffed"). Anything 
to keep the pressure up, though.

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