[Netsurf-develop] NetSurf at Wakefield

Graham Thurlwell lists at jades.org
Tue May 16 19:53:28 BST 2006

On the 13 May 2006, James Bursa <james at semichrome.net> wrote:

> This is a last-minute reminder that NetSurf will have an area at today's
> Wakefield show. We will be programming the browser live at the show - please
> drop by with your favourite bugs.

It was good to see you all, and I hope you enjoyed those oddly 
rendering pages I showed you (Independent, GalCiv2, SubSim, Games 
Workshop etc). Do I still need to add them to the bug tracker or have 
you made note of them? IIRC, you added some of them to your hotlist 
for future reference.

Netsurf has been the default browser on this Omega for over a year.

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