[Netsurf-develop] Drawfile export

Jess Hampshire groups at jess.itworkshop-nexus.net
Sun May 7 11:38:50 BST 2006


A couple of days ago I needed to print out a web page, (AA route).

Trying to print it just gave an hourglass (I don't know if it would 
have printed eventually, I didn't have time to find out).

So I exported the page to draw, deleted everything irrelevant and 
scaled it to fit on one page, producing a much better end result than 
just printing would.

At yesterday's Invicta Risc os User Group meeting, we all agreed that 
this feature was incredibly useful (and those who criticised John 
Cartmell for advocating it on usenet recently were wrong).

A question that just occurred to me. Is the feature intrinsic to the 
RISC OS version of NS or will it be in the GTK version too? (far less 
usefull on other platforms, but enough tools do exist to be a 
worthwile feature)

(Is a pre-release GTK version for other platforms likely to be made 
available soon?)


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