[Netsurf-develop] NetSurf key handling does not comply with

Harriet Bazley lists at orange.wingsandbeaks.org.uk
Wed May 3 22:12:17 BST 2006

On 3 May 2006 as I do recall,
   John-Mark Bell wrote:
> On Tue, 2 May 2006, Harriet Bazley wrote:
> > On the subject of keypress handling (although otherwise irrelevant) can
> > I add that I get somewhat disconcerted by the fact that Netsurf appears
> > to implement *some* of its key handling independently of the Wimp, with
> > the result that in some but not all cases, 'extension' modules like
> > IcnClipBrd don't seem to work?
> All text fields in the content area of NetSurf windows have nothing 
> whatsoever to do with the Wimp; they are implemented entirely within 
> NetSurf itself.

That's what I'd thought must be the case...

> If you wish to use old-style input, then I advise installing a module such 
> as PCKeys, which will remap the relevant keys to the old way of doing 
> things. It is not down to NetSurf to cater for this.

Ah - PCKeys.   That was it.   I thought it was IconClipBrd!

My problem is that I *have* installed PCKeys, which does remap the
keyboard... everywhere except text fields in the content area of NetSurf
windows, which keeps catching me out.   I'm not quite sure what's
happening; does NetSurf 'catch' the keypresses at a lower level than

> > irrespective of the fact that I normally have this remapped, and the
> > extension "Ctrl-K" action, which deletes all text from the cursor to the
> > start of the icon... except in certain Netsurf writable icons.
> Where is this documented? It's not in my copy of the Style Guide (nor 
> PRM3).

It's a useful extension (along with a few others) provided by one or
other of the key-handling modules on this computer;  I think it really
is IconClipBrd in this case, and if that only works on Wimp icons (which
makes sense, really...) it explains why it's having no effect in this

> NetSurf already implements this functionality (though with a 
> different key binding):
> Ctrl-Delete will delete from the start of a line to the current caret 
> position.
> Ctrl-End will delete from the current caret position to the end of a line.
Thanks; that's worth knowing.

H. Bazley

A closed mouth gathers no foot.

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