[Netsurf-develop] Netsurf loading problem

Richard Wilson info at tinct.net
Wed May 3 11:18:55 BST 2006

Tim Powys-Lybbe <tim at powys.org> wrote:
> In message of 3 May, David S Lawson <DAVIDsLAWSON at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
>> In message           Paul Vigay <lists-nospam at vigay.com> wrote:
>> > In article <afc0d8204e.Dave at user.blueyonder.co.uk>,
>> >    David S Lawson <DAVIDsLAWSON at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
>> >> Netsurf is taking a much longer time to load onto the icon bar than
>> >> before. Since upgrading to broadband about this date I have upgraded
>> >> netsurf more frequently than with dial up, I can't imagine this is the
>> >> cause but you never know. When I first noticed this I reverted to the
>> >> earlier version I still had and it loaded just as quickly as before. I
>> >> don't know which version except that it was pre mid April.
>> >
>> >> Has anyone else found this?
>> >
>> > Not really. Every so often there is a slow version, but I generally 
>> > upgrade
>> > as soon as I spot a new version - and the current version (29 Apr 2006
>> > 20:00) is about as fast as it's ever been.
>> >
>> > Loads on the Iyonix including opening my default 'home page' in just 
>> > under
>> > 2 seconds here.
>> >
>> Using the same version, my SA RiscPC with 4.02 takes 25 seconds to
>> load, the 2/5/06 10:15 version is the same.
>> Do I need to upgrade anything else and has anyone else found this?
> I wonder if this is an Iyonix versus RPCSA bonus.  My Iyonix too only
> takes 2 seconds to start up NetSurf.

 The loading speed is proportional to the number of entries in your global 
history, as this is the information that is being processed (the 'URL' file 
in Choices.)
 The decrease in speed is the result of John's unification of all our 
internal databases that has yet to be optimised for speed. I'm going to try 
to take a look at this relatively soon, but it certainly won't be before 
next weekend that I get anything done.


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