[Netsurf-develop] Re: Default opening window size

Tim Hill tim at timil.com
Wed Mar 15 11:47:47 GMT 2006

In article <loom.20060315T020707-996 at post.gmane.org>, Richard Wilson
<info at tinct.net> wrote:


> > It amuses me though, how often programmers appear to tell users they
> > are wrong.

>  Unfortunately it doesn't amuse me when people don't listen to simple
> explanations as to why things are done as they are. Most things in
> NetSurf (and many other apps) are done in a specific way for very good
> reason -- perhaps your time would be better spent understanding why
> things are done as they are rather than demanding illogical
> alternatives.

Take a deep breath, step back, take a swig and read it again.

I listened and was demanding nothing, merely trying to point out perhaps
why some users expect certain things to be in certain places.

Tim Hill,

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