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Richard Porter ricp at minijem.plus.com
Mon Mar 6 10:26:03 GMT 2006

On 6 Mar 2006 Dave <triffcat at tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

> In article <200603051238.27327 at zamez.strcprstskrzkrk.co.uk>,
>    James Bursa <james at semichrome.net> wrote:
>> Please try with the latest build. If it still doesn't work, submit a bug
>> to the tracker and please attach
>> !Scrap.ScrapDirs.ScrapDir.WWW.NetSurf.Log after starting, trying to
>> print the welcome page, and quitting.
>> James
> Just done that James, and after taking some time to describe the problem,
> ticking the box and dragging the log file to the appropriate place...
> After a short pause a new window returned complaining about an illegal
> file name. Though I can't see how a text file with the name "Log" is
> illegal.

We've just been through this one in another thread. I had the same 
problem. The message from sourceforge is completely spurious. The real 
problem is the file length. If you zip it it goes OK.

It would be worth changing the instructions in NetSurf to say "send a 
compressed log file (using !SparcFS, !Squash, etc.)".

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