[Netsurf-develop] Is RiscPkg working yet?

David Pitt pittdj at pittdj.plus.com
Sat Dec 9 10:48:49 GMT 2006

In message <afaa74924e.tim at south-frm.demon.co.uk>
  Tim Powys-Lybbe <tim at powys.org> wrote:

>There was a message a week or so back that upgrading NetSurf using
>RiskPkg was suspended.  I have just tried it but get 'Syntax Error'.
>Is there an update on this?

Not yet seems to be the answer. I have updated the source line in
!RiscPkg.Resources.Sources to the URL on the test builds page :-


That causes the syntax error in RiscPkg, the URL itself gives a page not
found error. 

David Pitt.

Computing with RISC OS.

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