[Netsurf-develop] Re: incorrect display of long file

Tony Moore old_coaster at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Sep 10 14:09:10 BST 2005

On 8 Sep 2005, James Bursa wrote

> > leads to a 1.51MB file which NetSurf does not display
> > correctly. The first ~15% of the file is ok, but the
> > remaining ~85% is displayed as white space. Click-dragging
> > in the white space highlights the text which, otherwise,
> > cannot be seen.
> We can't reproduce this problem. Could you email me your
> !NetSurf.stderr after viewing this page in case there are any
> clues there?

On 9 Sep 2005, before reading James' post above, I downloaded
Netsurf (07 Sep 2005 20:30) and found that the 1.51MB file
apparently displayed correctly. I also tried another problematic
long file, which was also seemed to be ok. I assumed that the
problem had been fixed, and sent my posting of 9 Sep 2005, to
confirm that all was well. (Next time, fetch before send!)

Having seen from James' post, above, that the problem had not
been identified, I reverted to Netsurf (22 Aug 2005 23:01) to
confirm that the problem existed for that build, which it did.

I then returned to Netsurf (07 Sep 2005 20:30), only to find
that the problem has now affects that build too!

I have tried loading a new copy of Netsurf immediately after a
clean boot, but the problem persists, and I do not understand
how, initially, the build of (07 Sep 2005 20:30) displayed the
problematic files correctly.

In short, the problem has not been fixed, and I am sending the
stderr to James, as requested.


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